Rotisol är världsledande inom tillverkning av rotisserier

Rotisserie STAR-CLEAN 


All stainless steel rotisserie, Interior with central axis, removable support and baskets in order to facilitate cleaning. Digital Display: display and programming of cooking parameters (time and temperature)

Dimensions (mm):
1110 (L) x 890 (D) x 900 (H)

Spits: 8
Chickens: 32-40



  • Pre heat program
  • A manual cooking program 8 pre-programed cooking
  • A steam injection program to facilitate cleaning.
  • Alarm will ring for 10 seconds after cooking
  • 2 lighting protected by a ceramic glass.
  • K-Glass door (anti-burns and energy safe) on removable silicon joint
  • Entirely insulated. Energy saving.
  • Integrated grease tray , inclined for an ease to evacuate via drainage trap.
  • Automatic cooling of the heated turbine at the end of cooking cycle.
  • Delivered with chickens baskets